About Wash Chems

All Wash Chems products are non-acidic, biodegradable and safe for the environment. Developed with top grade ingredients to make it the most effective touchless solution, our multipurpose cleaner safely washes cars, trucks, boats, trailers, engines, DPF filters, ATV's, dirt bikes, wagons and more! Unlike other hands-free soaps, Wash Chems will remove any type of dirt -- of both organic or non-organic origin. Using Wash Chems on your vehicles will make surfaces shine and provide a protective film on any painted, metallic, plastic or rubber surfaces. Its unique formula allows total and fast removal of dirt without any side effects on your vehicle parts. Wash Chems can also be used for interior detailing to wash carpets, plastics, upholstery by using a vacuum extractor as well as in the household to clean grills, kitchen equipment, floors, driveways and many other applications.