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Foam Cannon & PRO-100 (1Gal) Touchless Soap Combo

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Professional car and truck wash foam cannon and soap combo pack designed to simplify the washing methodology by using active foam ingredients made by Wash Chems. The touchless soap combination package includes:

    • 1 gallon bottle of our car / truck wash soap

    • Foam cannon



Touchless Car & Truck Wash Soap and Cannon Combo Pack

Wash Chems Professional Foam Cannon is designed to be used with PRO 100 and PRO 50 Touchless Active foam by Wash Chems and delivers thick to ensure your ride gets squeaky clean. Adjust the nozzle for narrow or wide steam, and use the air intake knob to create more or less foam. Compatible with standard pressure washer quick connect attachments.

Our foam cannon is also adjustable. The nozzle in the front allows the user to adjust the spray pattern (horizontal or vertical) with a twist of the wrist. The knob on top allows you to adjust the water to soap ratio, which enables you to increase or decrease the thickness of the foam spray.

What you will get:  1Gal of PRO-100 + the Foam Cannon. 

Material: Brass + Large Mouth HDPE Container + Stainless Steel Quick Connector
Bottle Capacity: 32 oz (1L)
Interface: G 1/4”- F
Require Pressure: 100bar-1450psi
Maximum Pressure: 220bar-4100psi
Require Flow: 2.0 Gpm
Maximum Flow: 5.3 Gpm
Highest Temperature:60℃-140℉
Orifice size: 1.1mm

QUESTION: Why doesn’t the connector fit my pressure washer?
ANSWER: You may need a quick connect adapter – they’re available at most hardware stores and here on Amazon.

QUESTION: What is the min. and max PSI?
ANSWER: min 800 max 4100.

QUESTION: How do I increase/decrease the amount of foam?
ANSWER: Turn the dial on the top of the cannon; this manages airflow into the stream which creates the foam.

QUESTION: How do I get the fan effect?
ANSWER: Twist the nozzle at the front of the cannon, there are two blades that create the effect the closer they are together.

QUESTION: Can this product be used with a water hose?
ANSWER: No, you’ll need a pressure washer.(For best results use a gas-powered pressure washer)