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Foam Cannon Ready to Use - Touchless Car Wash Shampoo (55 Gallon Drum, 208.1 L) – Commercial Grade Auto Cleaner –Automated Car Wash Equipment Compatible - Great for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Mopeds, ATVs

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Professional car and truck wash soap designed to simplify the washing methodology by using active foam ingredients made by Wash Chems. This soap is ready-to-use with a foam cannon. Automated Car Wash Equipment Fully Compatible !!!

  • 55-gallon (208.1L) Drum of our Foam Cannon Ready-To-Use car/truck wash soap
  • Must use foam cannon for best results
  • No Mixing Ratio Required!

How to use

The touchless soap should be applied using a foam cannon. Add the soap in a foam cannon and spray the foam starting on the lower part of the vehicle slowly moving upwards. Once applied, please wait 2 to 3 minutes for the best results then wash with a high-pressure jet (gas pressure washers are recommended when using foam cannon in order to obtain thick foam). It is recommended to test the compatibility of the foam/emulsion on an old deteriorated painted surface. DO NOT USE the foam/emulsion on direct hot engine parts or any sunny overheated vehicles. If the vehicle is overheated, before using the product, spray with water first to lower the temperature.


Please keep the liquid in the original enclosed container. Do not store in metal containers. Keep away from freezing temperatures or direct sun exposure. (Storage temperatures 40 – 110 degrees Fahrenheit max). Shelf-Life: 1 - 2 years

QUESTION: How do I increase/decrease the amount of foam?
ANSWER: Turn the dial on the top of the cannon; this manages airflow into the stream which creates the foam.

QUESTION: How do I get the fan effect?
ANSWER: Twist the nozzle at the front of the cannon, there are two blades which create the effect the closer they are together.

QUESTION: Can this product be used with a water hose?
ANSWER: No, you’ll need a pressure washer.(For best results use a gas powered pressure washer)