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PRO-30 (275 Gal) Industrial/Construction/Agricultural Equipment One Step Detergent

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PRO-30 (275 Gal) - is a touch-less shampoo, specifically designed for Industrial, Construction, Agricultural Equipment, Buses and Trains. Also could be applied on any other large vehicles.



Touchless Industrial, Construction, and Agricultural Equipment Soap

PRO-30 (275 Gal) -is a touch-less detergent (TFR-Traffic Film Remover) active alkaline concentrate. It creates a dense active foam that was specifically designed for for Industrial, Construction, Agricultural Equipment, Buses and Trains. It can also be applied to wash other large vehicles, engines and DPF Filters. It dissolves and emulsifies any type of dirt - organic or non-organic origin. It makes surfaces shine and provides a protective film on any painted - metallic, plastic or rubber surfaces. It's unique formula allows total and fast removal of dirt without any side effects on your vehicle parts. (Do not use on polished mirror shine aluminum)